10 Ways to End the Teacher Shortage Crisis

After countless hours of research, I have officially solved the teacher shortage crisis here in South Carolina and beyond. Here are 10 ways we can get more teachers in the profession. Spread the word!

  1. Respect Teachers
  2. Respect Teachers
  3. Respect Teachers
  4. Respect Teachers
  5. Respect Teachers
  6. Respect Teachers
  7. Respect Teachers
  8. Respect Teachers
  9. Respect Teachers
  10. Respect Teachers

How you ask?

  1. Stop acting like you know how to do our job because you went to school one time!
  2. Stop pretending like we have all this time off in the summer when ya’ll know we work for free during that time!
  3. Stop being overbearing, intimidating “bosses” and let us co-lead without fear of being fired!
  4. Stop ignoring us, chastising us, belittling us when we ask for help!
  5. Stop treating schools like businesses and stop using testing as the metric that defines a successful business!
  6. Stop piling more crap on top of us thinking it’s going to fix it! Don’t you know too much weight sinks a ship?
  7. Stop using students against us when we decide to speak out against asinine policies that in fact DO hurt them!
  8. Stop the illusion that you support us while you vote against us!
  9. Stop funding schools with an antiquated, racist system!
  10. Stop giving us pay raises then raising the retirement and insurance premiums.

What else should I add teachers?