A Class That Laughs


A Class That Laughs Together Learns Together

Benefits of Laughter

1. Decreases stress hormones.
2. Increases immune cells.
3. Triggers the release of endorphins.
4. Can temporarily relieve pain.
5. Provides a natural workout.
6. Increases memory and intelligence.
7. Enhances creativity.

Find Someone Who…

Laugh Your Heart Out

Using the mystery item on your table, create a hysterical list of all the funny things you could do with the item. The team that gets the biggest laugh from the crowd wins!

Unicorn Horn

Dressing up can bring lots of laughter into your classroom. While you are wearing your fabulous unicorn horn, your table should create a list of ways to integrate a unicorn horn into every area of your curriculum. While you are planning and dreaming, think of other costumes that could bring laughter into your classroom while strengthening your curriculum.

Funny Fuzzy Wuzzy

The Task: Build a tower to protect your Funny Fuzzy Wuzzy!

1. The tower must stand 5 inches off the ground using only 2 pipe cleaners.

2. The tower must hold your funny fuzzy wuzzy for 2 full minutes without falling over.

3. Fuzzy Wuzzy must have a name.

4. Create a back story for your funny fuzzy wuzzy

5. When you have accomplished your task, every person must draw the Funny Fuzzy Wuzzy in it’s tower.

Stick Animals

The Task: Build a stick animal that can be found somewhere in your curriculum.

1. Your animal must stand at least 2 inches off the table.
2. Your animal must be created with straws and stickies ONLY!!!
3. No cutting.
4. Create a story to go with your stick animal.
5. Create a movie about your stick animal using your phone.

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