Destroying the Box!


What is Creativity???

“It’s a simple and generous rule of life that whatever you practice, you will improve at.”

What Creativity is Not!

Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

I make straight As on every report card. Everyone thinks I am smart, but that doesn’t show how smart I am, that shows you I have learned how to play my teachers’ games. I don’t remember any of the stuff.

-8th grader, Somewhere in SC

“If we fail to understand creative thinking, we cannot hope to have an educational system that will provide creative individuals.”

​”There’s a specific thing that school wants you to shine in (academics/testing) and if you don’t shine in that, you don’t shine at all. It’s like they are trying to make us all the same people.”
-Erin, junior HS student, California
Benefits of Being Creative

Benefits of Being Creative

Benefits of Being Creative

Side 1: How are you currently inviting creativity into your classroom?

Side 2: Which areas of your curriculum/class need more creativity?

Side 3: What could you do to foster your own creativity?

Side 4: Doodle… WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!

Top Side: The Vision: Where would you like to go with creativity in your classroom?

Bottom Side: The Foundation: Who in your class would benefit the most from “out of the box’ teaching?

Tips for Classroom Creativity!
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Creativity Resources

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