Tap. Tap. Tap. Is this thing on?

Hey y’all!

It’s been a minute, but I am still here. My thoughts more abundant than ever, and I am needing to get them all out. In my day to day work, I do that best with a microphone in hand on an auditorium stage with a room full of people. Something about the energy of an audience of educators excites me.

While I definitely crave my alone time as it really fuels me, knowing that my peers, and sometimes enemies, are out in the crowd is quite the energy jolt! As I sit here typing though, if I close my eyes just tight enough, and mix in a tad of my imagination, I can picture you all sitting there listening as I speak through this blog. Are people even calling them that anymore?

A few things I want to tell you as I make my return to the “blogisphere.”

  1. I am not the same man you knew just a few years ago. I have been through some things. Some hard things. Some challenging things. Some frightful things. Some sad things. Some… beautiful things.

2. The things I have been through helped me to find my voice. My skills. My faith. My talents. My friends. My…self.

3. My voice is louder, but softer. My skills are crafted, but growing. My faith is questioning, but solid. My talents are being used, but developing. My friendships are fewer, but deeper. My self is flourishing, but resting.

I hope that you will join me here often. Some days the topic will be education. Other days art, creativity, spirituality, reflection, giggles… and more. Who knows really? The new me will not be put in a closet or box.

Welcome back!