My Logo Journey

In May of 2015, an amazing 2nd grader named Ethan drew a doodle of me during class. He gave me a red nose because we were celebrating the very first ever Red Nose Day. The drawing was so cute that I immediately added it to my “must keep” file.
In the year that followed, I left the elementary classroom, and as I developed mrdearybury.com to expand my online presence (after work hours of course), his doodle inspired my very first logo vectorized by the amazing Lanie Whitaker Carter of Arrowhead Design Group. Ethan’s younger sister wrote my name to add to the bottom. I have loved this little character so very much and it served me well from 2015-2024. I smiled a thousand smiles every time I got to retell the story of how it came to be. His artwork will live here on the site as long as mrdearybury.com exists so that I can honor him and the impact his little doodle had on my work. I hope it makes you smile too.